Play 2d Minecraft Rain Ambiance Ver 1.1 Game Online

How do you feel when listening to the rhythm of the rain? If you have yet to hear it in a quiet place, take your time to revel in great melodies. Once you have already walked under the rain and try to hear its sound, it is sure that you want to dip yourself into that wonderful rhythm and never want to get out of that great feeling.

It seems that the rhythm of the rain shows you the silence without being busy. The life is so beautiful with it. However, you sometimes hear it. Minecraft knew that and that is why today it creates 2d Minecraft Rain Ambiance Ver 1.1 to help fans who love rain. Come on and do not miss out on hearing how different the sound of the rain in this game from the reality.


When opening the game, players will be surprised at a beautiful landscape and a cool sound of the rain. Close your eyes and feel it, guys. It is like you are flying in the sky without worrying about anything in your life. The players can adjust the volume by press the volume bar at the center of the game. If they wish to mix the rhythm of the rain with the other cool sounds, please press OPTION button to choose chirp pig, growl zombie, thunder, chicken, or more. Definitely, the players will create lots of awesome melodies.

Let’s become a DJ musician and bring different electrical sounds of the rain to the world. Do you have many cool ideas to mix the above sounds together? Don’t waste your talents, guys. Play this Minecraft Free game and other 2d Minecraft Games Online Free to feel how great they are and get more interesting ideas.

Enjoy the game with the mouse.

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